Jan 25, 2015

A Snowman For Caleb

My card today was made for a little boy named Caleb who is battling cancer and has a grandmother who makes cards, so he loves receiving them and wants to receive a card from someone in every state. I thought a snowman on my card would be approbate since it's coming from Colorado, where we have lots of snow. I used a Stampendous stamp I bought before Christmas and hadn't got a chance to ink it up yet and this was the perfect opportunity! 
If you would like to send Caleb a card contact me and I will give you the address. 

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  1. Wonderful card ...so nice to see that you are trying to bring some happiness to this little boy. If you do not mind would you share his address so I could send one too? I always feel that we would use our craft to lift people up. jeandonny2000 at hotmail dot com


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