Sep 10, 2011

I Am Back!

I am back for my sabbatical and my unexpected vacation. I arrived home on Wednesday but my sweet husband took me on a mini vacation to celebrate our anniversary which occured while I was in Germany. I had no clue he was doing this but I enjoyed my time with him as well, think he missed me.
These are some cards that I made for challenges, I put them on a SD card to take with me to Germany so I could post them but left it at home so I thought I would share with you


  1. Welcome back, Ceal. We missed you! Fabulous cards, some of which I'd already seen on the HSI blog. Glad you posted all of them for us to see. :-)

  2. welcome back Ceal!! hope you have had a chance to recover from Germany.

  3. Welcome back Ceal! Fabulous cards! Glad some of them made it onto the HSI blog while you were away.
    Hugs, Shannah xox


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