Mar 30, 2009

I would like to say thank you to Barb for honoring me with this award! And for always leaving me sweet comments on my work. Your work is wonderful as well. In accepting this honor I am to pass it along to 10 deserving bloggers. There are so many who give me inspiration and encouragement so it will be difficult to choose only 10. So even though I am only listing 10 there are so many of you who give me Inspiration everyday as I visit your blog I may not always leave a comment but I do visit often so this is for you because have given me support, encouragement, criticism when needed and praise when I feel so unworthy at times. I dearly love and respect these wonderful friends and thank them all for their friendship. Many of you also also received this award from Barb as well but I consider you worthy to receive it twice. I want to thank each person who visits my blog and leaves a comment or not I truly appreciate you and feel honored that you find my blog a pleasure to the eye, thank all of you!
Here are my 10 nominees sounds like an award show huh? LOL

Chrissy, Christi, Courtney, Janette, Jeanette, Kathy, Korin, Lorie, Suzy, Sandy


  1. Awww...aren't you sweet...thank you Ceal! HUGS!

  2. HI Ceal! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the award and to wish you well. I hope that you are feeling better and are healing nicely. Take care of yourself!!!


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