Jan 27, 2009

Let's Bake A Cake!

Can you believe it has been ONE YEAR of Belli Challenges already!? For those of you who may not know what a Belli Challenge is...

Each week, Chrissy tries to give us a challenge that will use things we have lying around our stamp rooms or homes! With a constant flow of new things coming out, we tend to forget about the other things we have and they quickly become clutter!

For the week of January 28, Belli #52, we are hosting a VERY special Belli Challenge in celebration of our One Year Anniversary. Some of you may have played this game before with some other groups... We will be BAKING A CAKE to celebrate our First Anniversary of Belli Challenges.

How do we play BAKE A CAKE? Listed below is a list of cake ingredients. You all must pick 5 ingredients, and reply on Chrissy's BLOG with your choices, you can list them on your upload too, but don't share what the ingredients stand for, link them up at Creating with Chrissy! Tomorrow Chris will give you the list of what the ingredients are equal to in Embellishments! On this second list is the corresponding crafting ingredient for the items you picked. For example, flour = ribbon (just an example - the actual list is different). Your challenge is to create a card with those 5 ingredients that you chose. You could wind up having to create a card with ribbon, chipboard, designer paper, buttons, and paint. This is the fun part. You don't know what you are picking!! Are you ready for this fun challenge?? Be sure to reply to Chrissy what your 5 choices are.

Here are the ingredients, be sure to choose 5!







Baking soda





Powdered sugar

Cream cheese

Cocoa powder



Come back tomorrow for the ACTUAL BELLI CHALLENGE CELEBRATION! And to see all the Belli Girls cakes!

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