Dec 29, 2008

A Fab Award

I was honored to receive this lovely award today from Wendy. It made me feel really good to know that she considers my blog an inspiration to her. Thank you Wendy! As usual there are a few conditions to this award, but not to hard to do this time.
1.. was to link to the blogger who gave you this award Wendy
2.. is to name 5 things that I am addicted to.
3.. pass the award to five other bloggers who inspire you

Five things I am addicted to hummm.....

1. I think the first has to be papercrafting whether its cards, scrapbook pages or altering something I am usually in my room doing something on good days.
2. Next would have to be blogging I think because I love to look at other blogs for inspiration and just to see all the wonderful things others make.
3.Third would have to be peanut M&M's I have a bowl that I keep near me when I am creating
4. I guess fourth would be HGTV I watch that channel all the time if I am not creating.
5. Lastly would be reading, I love to read!

Now for the five others who inspire me this is hard to just pick 5 because everyone is an inspiration to me but here are my five that I pass this award to.

1. Kathy at Distressed Stamper ... I have always admired her work since I ran across her blog.
2. Chris at Creating with Chrissy ... Another talented Lady and friend whom I admire her work.
3. Lori at Live-Love-Laugh-Create ... One of the newest members of the Sweet N' Sassy DT who does awesome work.
4. Rach at Papercrafts by Rach ... From the UK but I follow her blog and admire her work as well
5. Bev at All the Things I Love ... Also from the UK but definitely admire her work as well

There are so many others I admire and follow as well, so much talent out there but could only pick 5


  1. Oh, gosh Ceal! Thank you so much! I may have to play along with this one! :o)

  2. Ceal, THANK YOU so much for thinking of me! I will post this on my blog next week- just because of the extra activity this week! THANK YOU for blessing me!!!

  3. Thanks so much for thinking of me hunny - mwah xx

    Have a happy new year

    hugs Bev x

  4. Thanks so much for the award Ceal! I am truly touched that you have thought of me!! I will post later~ I think the wind is going to knock my power out so I better get off this thing!! (LOL) Happy New Year :)Kathy


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