Sep 25, 2008


I went tonight with my church to a special viewing of the new movie Fireproof. This was a great movie that I would suggest to everyone to go see. It makes you laugh and cry and of course makes you think. If you or have a friend that are having relational problems or who doesn't have a personal relationship with Christ, It is a great movie to send them too as well. I won't give away any of it in case you want to go but again It is a Great movie and you will be blessed by going.

Stampin’ hugs,


  1. My husband and I plan on seeing Fireproof soon. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. TFS the review. I will give it a looksie!

  3. I am going today with our Church and can't wait! Thanks for talking about it.

  4. My daughter-in -law called me at mid-night last night to tell mew that they just saw Fireproof and thought it was definitely a must see!


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