Jul 22, 2008

Please continue to pray

This is cut from Korin's (Owner of Sweet N' Sassy stamps) blog. It is her 19 month old niece who has downs syndrome and is also battling leukemia, she is such a sweetheart you can follow her journey here I am asking everyone to pray for little Janessa and the entire family they have been through so much already and have more to go but God is in control and will see them through! . Korin is also having a fundraiser for her at SNSS to help out the family if you would like to donate

Janessa's Journey Continues
I was hoping to tell you that the Joseph's are home today, but unfortunately they have had another set back. Janessa went in for her Broviac system replacement surgery yesterday morning. Her counts were up and she was making platelets on her own so they were hoping to go home last night some time. However, this is the update I just received from Julie...
"Sorry for not letting you all know sooner, but there was more to the puzzle than just the surgery. It went well and her new line works just fine. She had no effects from the anesthesia and all of her counts were looking good. This morning when they checked, all of her cell counts had dropped. The white went from 1.7 to 0.4 (very significant drop) and her red cells are also dropping. If they drop another 0.5 they will need to transfuse her. She has a slight fever as well. We don't know yet why all of this is happening and if the fever continues she will be started on a second antibiotic. Not the news we were hoping for as we really wanted them be going home today. It will probably be a few to several days yet until we find out what's going on and the numbers start going up again. Please keep lifting our little girl up in prayer.
For now,
The Joseph Family"Please, please, please keep praying for Janessa and her family. I know so many of you are and I can't thank you enough. She is a trooper and so are her parents and siblings, but this is all very tiring for them and they still have so far to go. God will continue to give them the strength they need to get through this especially with so many uplifting them in prayer! Pray that the doctors can find out why she keeps getting these fevers and why her counts dropped again. Pray that her white cell count goes up instead of dropping again. And pray that the family can get the rest they need through all of this. May God's comforting arms hold them close.... Thank you for praying...from the bottom of my heart! Korin

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